Beta Round 1 starting soon!

Hello, we are happy to announce the first round of PokeWorld. During this round only one instance of each pokemon will be released. Therefore 151 cards will be in circulation.

Starting location will be Brno, Czech Republic.

To learn more about PokeWorld, please continue reading.


Web Service

Provides a database of all available pokemons. The main feature of this web is the map, displaying the last known location for each found pokemon. Trainers can search and watch their journey here.

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Poke Card

These cards are released into the 'wilderness' of our world, allowing trainers to find them and pass them to their friends. Once this card is in qualified trainer hands, pokemon displayed on card can be catched.

Android Application

Used for scanning cards. Each card carries a QR code used for catching the pokemon. We provide our own android application to scan the QR codes. This application is your personal Pokédex.
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How it works

PokeWorld is a ..
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